Kickstart your Business
in Austria

I'll help you and your startup, scale-up, SMB or corporation to expand to Austria!


Quickstart Austria.

I take on temporary leadership roles to efficiently establish your business in Austria. With extensive experience in corporate management, I act as your interim CEO, General Manager or Country Lead, managing the initial phases of business development and laying the foundation for a sustainable future in Austria.


Seamless Foundation.

I facilitate the smooth establishment of your Austrian subsidiary. I will assist you with the administrative start-up processes, the choice of location and the recruitment of your first employees in order to create a solid basis for your company and to facilitate your integration into the Austrian market.


Accelerated Growth.

I support your regional growth with strategic business development. I will help you develop a customized go-to-market strategy, build local partnerships and identify potential funding opportunities to maximize your success in Austria.


How we do it

Initial Engagement

Foundational Setup

Following our initial contact and engagement, we will begin an intensive onboarding phase to gain a thorough understanding of your business model, corporate culture, and specific goals. This step ensures that my support is seamless and effective by closely aligning with your specifications and the culture of your organization. I provide comprehensive guidance and planning to ensure that we are on the same page from the start and that your vision for the Austrian market is clearly defined.

Operational Foundation

Structural Development

During the start-up phase, my focus is on finding an optimal location and establishing your first physical presence in Austria. This includes selecting the best location, providing support in opening an account, and completing all necessary administrative steps. My goal is to create a solid foundation for your company that not only meets legal requirements but also optimally supports your market entry strategy. I always make sure that the established processes and structures reflect your corporate values and are also optimized for the Austrian context.

Strategic Growth

Sustained Expansion

After successfully establishing your Austrian branch, I can assist with long-term cooperation. I can assist you with developing and implementing organizational and business development strategies. This includes employee recruitment, identifying funding programs, and establishing business development and marketing activities. Special emphasis will be placed on integrating your values into the new market to maintain a consistent brand identity. I’m prepared to offer customized recommendations for the Austrian market to ensure your company’s sustainable growth. Once we have hired a CEO or Country Manager, I’ll step back from operational duties. I’m available to continue providing advice if needed.

About Me

Who I am

Success Architect for your engagement in Austria

My experience will help facilitate your successful growth in Austria.

With extensive experience as a business coach, interim manager and executive in a variety of industries, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Austria Business Setup Service. My career spans critical roles from start-up to international business development, and I have in-depth knowledge of organizational development, business management and go-to-market strategies. My mission is to seamlessly and successfully establish businesses in Austria by providing tailored advice and guidance, always focused on preserving your corporate culture and values, while providing local market knowledge and strategic insight. My knowledge is based on over 20 years of leadership experience as well as extensive education and training.